Simple and smart

Since inception, LCMCommodities has been redefining commodity brokerage.

We boast disruptive research, innovative tools, and expert practice.

We are independent, human-sized, and utterly committed. We boast the best research, tools, liquidity of the trade.

As commodity trading is getting more complex, we believe brokerage should instead be made simpler, faster — plainer. When done right.


Our Energy team covers crude oil, oil products, natural gas and power operations on North American and European energy markets.

Our Derivatives team covers commodity index, agriculture and soft commodity operations on North American markets.

Our Metals team covers base and precious operations on both continents.


We started out in 2007. Utmost focus, world-class research, superior execution, and clear pricing have brought us into the US top 3 commodity brokers on distillate and gasoline options.

Keeping out

We get you the best liquidity, charge low, and keep out of your trading ways.
Expect value, not interference.

Leading broker on US crude options, #3 on US distillates options, #3 on US gasoline options
(Energy & Risk ranking, 2010)


LCMC operates on a global scale, sourcing the deepest liquidity available to independent brokers, while offering our clients discretion or anonymity, along with valuable insight.
ClearPort/ICE Clearing provides financial protection to off-exchange transactions.

Execution & follow-up

We recap within minutes. We track everything.


We are not affiliated.
We never hold proprietary positions.


Business needs, process flow, check-out, reporting: we listen. We respond. We oblige.

Efficient workflow, clear pricing, extensive follow-up, all geared to commodities trading.


LCMC Research is a full-fledged branch of LCMC, providing the firm's clients with cutting-edge fundamental research on commodity markets.


LCMC Research gets ahead of the curve, helping clients anticipate fundamental trends rather than simply react to them.
We provide rapid analysis of all major data releases, and regular insight through focused special reports.


Our tools allow clients to explore market trends and download a wealth of fundamental data.
We boast leading-edge research models, among which proprietary volatility pricers, and interactive charting utilities.


All research is exclusive, and made available to customers on our dedicated platform.

LCMC Research has become a must read for energy market participants.

Giving back

LMCommodities is proud to act as the main Corporate Sponsor to the Carioca Fund, a BrazilFoundation initiative for the disadvantaged youth of Rio de Janeiro.

It takes many to samba

With a track record of 200+ projects within a ten-year span and full transparency, the non-profit BrazilFoundation has been a tremendous force for good in helping communities throughout Brazil to take part in the country's vibrant economic growth.

Doing our part

We have been supporting BrazilFoundation's FundoCarioca since 2011. We sponsored urban art and photography competitions in 2011 and 2012 for 32 youths from communities throughout Rio de Janeiro.

Also, we have been helping the Foundation invest in eight organizations in Rio de Janeiro that offer professional training to help youth enter the workforce.

In 2015, at the XIIIth BrazilFoundation Gala in New York, LCMC we were honored by these amazing people for our sustained commitment to that important cause. Talk of an incentive to try even harder!

Making opportunities happen for the underprivileged youth of Rio.


LCMCommodities was founded by seasoned commodities traders, seeking to re-think brokerage as an added-value complement to high-level trading. The Company is a joint venture with LCM Interest Holding, a holding company that operates fully independent introducing brokers and financial services providers based in New York, London, Hong Kong and Paris.

Pierre Lacaze, CEO

Pierre has two decades of experience trading softs (Phibro, CT), metals and energy (Compagnie Parisienne de Réescompte), crude oil and product options (Credit Lyonnais Rouse) and energy derivatives (Hess Energy Trading Company).

He's a nice fellow, as long as you don't get him started on sailing and team spirit.

Gael Gremaud, Head of Crude and Products, Partner

Gael began his career by launching the first commodities fund at Rothschild & Cie in Paris. Since joining LCMC, he has been instrumental in developing the company's oil business.

He is a graduate of the University of Paris II (Pantheon-Assas), with a Masters in Finance.

Antoine Roy, Head of Natural Gas, Partner

After leading experiences in asset management at Natixis and Allianz Global Investors, Antoine invested and developed a French alternative energy company in France for two years -- prior to joining LCMC, and setting our NG business ablaze.

Antoine has a knack for teaching. A graduate in Finance and Maths of University of Paris Dauphine, he still runs there a course about Hedge Funds.

Ekrem Esmen, Head of Commodities Research, Partner

Ekrem has coined the term “guerrilla research” and, along with his team, implemented a unique approach to analysis that allows LCMC Research retain an edge on commodity market dynamics.

Prior to joining LCMC, he was a director at PIRA Energy Group and a visiting engineer at MIT.

Simon Butler, LCM Metals, CEO

Simon runs the Sales and Trade Strategy across LCM Metals. He's also a lead broker in both base and precious metals.

He began his career in exotic options at UBS before moving into commodities in 2004. Simon has over a decade of commodity sales experience across Energy products (UBS, BNP Paribas) and Metals (Bank of America Merrill Lynch).

Brad Flaster, CFO, Partner

For over 18 years Brad has made a career out of running the operations of successful brokerage firms in the commodity derivative space. Now with LCMC, he has his hands in every aspect of the business to help ensure its continued rise.

Prior to joining LCMC, Brad was a VP at Parity Energy, a start-up venture with a bent on modernizing the OTC energy option space, and before that the Head of US Operations at Tradition Financial Services.

Holly Calcagno, Crude Derivatives, Partner

A former Division 1 college athlete, Holly hit into finance territory with the competiveness and ethics she'd honed on softball home plates. She worked for the brokerage firm Tullett Prebon, and was a sales executive at the Intercontinental Exchange.

Now a partner at LCMC, she is advancing our Crude derivatives team to more bases, expanding the company’s presence into markets out of our New York City office. Holly's a great sport, and not the kind of hitter to help a pitcher out.

Wanted! Dudes. Gals. Nerds. Dropouts. DIYers. Pressure addicts. Fast learners. Brokers.

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